Triple T Haven Testimonials

“In the past, I had no trust. Because of the trauma I endured as a child and in adulthood. Approximately ten years ago I started a continuous journey of recovery and healing. Diagnosed with PTSD and BiPolar Disorder, I began medications and talk therapy. When Sheila spoke to me about Triple T, I had to honestly say, “I fit the criteria”. It was exciting and I prayed it would all come to be. Indeed it did and I was scholarshipped in, because of generous donors. As the group met and we went out to the horses, something changed in me. Trust was beginning to develop in me. Trust in the healing process and in the clinicians that helped facilitate the group. I felt safe and freely spoke my truth. Crying, laughing and sharing with the women was so healing. As I write, the tears are on the surface. Because I am not alone, I am strong, and free. What a wonderful state of development this is. Thank you to all involved! And especially to my GOD.”

– Triple T Haven Survivor

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– Triple T Haven Survivor

“I have been in therapy for many years. My first counseling appointment was in 1974. I
came from an abusive and neglectful home and suffered from undiagnosed and
untreated trauma. As time went on, I found myself in some frustrating relationships,
some quite damaging. I had difficulty with relationships at work. I was co-dependent.
I was plagued with depression and anxiety. In my 40’s, I was diagnosed with cancer.
From the chemo, I managed to end up with a horrific chronic regional pain syndrome,
(CRPS or RSD – Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy), which was almost crippling and took
years to resolve. Later on, I dealt with alcohol abuse.

All these issues came from trauma, I believe. It stems from what is known as Adverse
Childhood Experiences. I have a pretty high ACE score.

Here, at QT Ranch and with the Triple T team, I feel that I have been able to resolve
and grow more than with any therapy I’ve experienced. Presently, I go to one support
group here, do cognitive therapy with Sheila Ash, and have taken two classes to learn
more skills and strategies for copying with my thought processes. I do therapy that
incorporates EMDR, and, I have had my first experience with eagala, equine therapy.
I have had 16 sessions of eagala.

Working with the horses has been absolutely vital to change for me. Somehow,
through that process, blocks to recovery have been cleared. A more gut level
understanding of my life has been reached. The horses have an amazing ability to
intuit what is going on inside. Through them, I have been able to see how my past has
shaped me, how my choices affect me, and why I need to be able to have a “voice.”

For the first time in my life, I believe I have the strength and skills to live the kind of
life that I deserve.

Thank you Joe and Jeru! Thank you Sheila, Pia, Janada, Heather, and all who have the
courage to come here and create healing for themselves.”

– Triple T Haven Survivor

“Exploring my trauma hasn’t been an easy or pleasant experience to say the least. For
10 plus years, I’ve been trying to confront my past and fears; it always felt that I would take two
steps forward and 10 steps back. I was hopeless and frustrated to the point I didn’t want to try.
It hurt too much to get a taste of a healthier version of myself only to drop back down again.
Another blow to my esteem is working in a helping profession but not experiencing the relief I
was helping others get.

Then my therapist recommended Triple T Haven and, without knowing it, a page was
turned for me. The Triple T team welcomed me, listened to me and cared for me. Most of my
work has been done with the mules. Working with them has helped me process my thoughts of
being inadequate, feeling rejected, not being good enough and lack of confidence. All of this is
being worked on just through my interactions with them. I can parallel process my reactions to
them to how I react to others. I’ve truly learned the importance of being and staying present;
not only to meet my needs but to be able to meet the needs of others.

I was near giving up and probably would have if it wasn’t for Triple T Haven. This
service is so greatly needed and effective. I’m beyond blessed that I was able to participate in
this. I know I’m not alone that finances would have hindered my ability to get help. But through
the generosity others, I’ve been able to accomplish so much in just a few weeks. I hope others
can feel the same amount of healing and confidence that I’ve gained. I can’t say how grateful I
am! Thank you.”

– Triple T Haven Survivor

“My experience with Triple T Haven and Eagala have been wonderful.

Pia and Janada guided me through a tangled maze of negativity that helped me begin
to see the distorted perspective in my thinking. With their guidance and the building of the
constructs, my destructive thinking process became very apparent to me. I realized pretty
quickly that I was buried in thoughts that were not real and were not helpful to me at all.

I am not sure where it comes from, but I have a fear of the larger horses. During my
third session, I was introduced to the two small miniature horses. Wow, I immediately felt
myself unfold in front of them. They are beautiful and powerful and gentle and warm, and I fell
in love with them right away. I have no fear of these two little guys, just respect and admiration.

I was skeptical about the potential for change in my mood and the resulting depression
I have dealt with most of my life. How could horses help with something so deep? I have
always heard about the bond that humans and horses have shared over the centuries, but I
never knew I could experience it for myself. And that I did. Those two little guys showed me a
new way of thinking and how important it is to keep my perspective based in the present, not
on the events of my past.

The most amazing part of all was how the horses responded toward me and the
constructs. They approached the more negative constructs with apprehension and even
rejection of the whole idea. As time went on and the building became more reality based, the
horses reacted more positively; approaching with curiosity and even tasting. The horses were
always there for me to speak to and their body language always spoke back to me. Near the
end of the therapy sessions I was thinking so much clearer about the traumas in my past. My
constructs reflected this and so did the horses. They ran around the arena consumed in the joy
we felt for the turn in my thinking. This demonstration happened on several occasions and it
left me with a feeling I will never forget; pure joy and delight in the life we have been given.

I continued to work on Mindfulness with the horses after the building of the constructs
ended. This was a beautiful guided way to end my Eagala sessions. After looking inside myself,
we took a look outside. There is a lot of peace to be gained by observing and appreciating the
smallest things; the flowing grasses, the horses grazing in the pastures, the horses mane and
their sweet dispositions and the hummingbirds that visit my porch. All you have to do is look
for it. This is a tool I now use every day to keep my perspective on the right track. Thank you Triple T Haven and Eagala for the greatest gift I could ever have hoped for.”

– Triple T Haven Survivor

Through Eagala I am coming to the realization that I am strong enough to set and maintain my boundaries. Learning this has allowed me to expand on those boundaries and create my own personal space. I have become empowered to exist in that space without feeling rejected or threatened by
others. I am regaining control and moving forward. For this I am beyond grateful.

– Triple T Haven Survivor